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Industrial Lighting

Your Unique Environment

Daro Specialist Lighting has been providing industrial lighting solutions for over ten years.

We have a deep understanding that having the right lighting conditions for your factory or warehouse is critical to productivity, safety and your running costs. No two industrial spaces are configured or operate in the same way, therefore, working with a trusted and agile solution provider will give you peace of mind and the results you need for your business.

We will guide you to consider the best lighting for you to create a safe and productive working environment. To do this we consider the lighting needs of specific areas according to the work carried out or the necessary positioning of the luminaire, from close precise work mechanical and vehicular movement, light distribution, glare and the colour temperature of the lamp from warm white to daylight.

Our lighting solutions have maintenance costs in mind too. Therefore, installing flexible fixtures with long-life lamps and high-performing luminaires reduces the frequency of maintenance and the associated cost.

How we Work
Our approach is straightforward and transparent. As we are independent and not tied to any luminaire suppliers you can be assured that we focus on delivering a solution that is right for you to meet your objectives.
Our process is designed to make life easy for you and guarantees you get the result you need.
1. Objective
We work with you to understand what your objectives are from saving money to making your workplace safe, increasing productivity or creating a relaxing environment.
2. Assess
A site assessment helps us to ensure that everything is covered. Having worked on many projects, our clients often benefit from solutions we’ve delivered on previous projects that may include innovative solutions to internal, external, emergency and security lighting problems.
3. Select
We’re not tied to any luminaire manufacturers and will pay meticulous attention to the selection of the right luminaires that will give you the best results.
4. Planning
Our projects are planned to ensure you experience the least disruption and have your lighting solution up and running in the fastest time possible.
5. Install
Work with our installation team or we can work with an installation team of your choice.
6. Result
We revisit your site post installation to ensure that you and your team is happy with the transformation.

Switching to LED Lighting

The cost of lighting can be as much as 80% of your energy bill. Once installed, LED lighting can have many positive outcomes including, reducing operational cost, improving the productivity, well-being and safety of your staff, and can result in a reduction in downtime and maintenance effort.

The key advantages to LED lighting are:

Energy Saving
LED lighting uses up to 90% less energy than light bulbs and 50% less than a low-energy bulb or fluorescent tube. These result in a direct reduction of the CO2 emission too.
No Chemical Waste
LED lighting does not produce chemical waste. Fluorescent and low-energy lighting contain mercury that requires chemical waste processing which also adds to the total cost of ownership.
Increased Lifespan
LED-fittings have an expected lifespan that ranges from 15,000 to over 65,000 hours which means a reduction in the number of replacement lamps required.
Reduction in Heat Development
LED converts much more energy into light than conventional lighting resulting in a reduction in heat development. This means that the number of applications where LED is a preferrable option is greatly increased and makes your environment safer. It can also result in further cost saving on costs associated with fans trying to cool a hot working environment.
Fire Resistant
Not only are LED luminaires fire resistant they produce a secondary CO2 reduction by diminishing the amount of cooling energy required.
Robust and Safe
LED luminaires are very strong and contribute to a safer environment. They perform in changes to temperature, vibration, are designed to be shatterproof.
LED luminaires emit light in a focussed ‘directional’ way. Conventional lighting disperses light (light pollution) and heat in all directions requiring auxiliary tools to achieve the required focus, which adds to installation and running costs. LED luminaires can be directed in all directions as required.
Frequent switching does not influence LED and LED reaches its full capacity within milliseconds. Other conventional light sources require much more time for the start-up, diminishing the lifespan considerably and progressively, as the switching frequency increases.

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