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Comprehensive Lighting Plans and Surveys

No two clients or companies are the same. Working with Daro Specialist Lighting you’ll benefit from our decades of experience in assessing the lighting needs for commercial, industrial and agricultural businesses and our in-depth knowledge of which products fit your needs, budget and timescale. We’re experts in indoor and outside lighting solutions and making sure you’re benefiting from all of the energy savings available to you.

Most lighting designers follow good practice, at Daro Specialist Lighting we go further than that by

  • Fully understanding the nature of your work activities
  • Understanding the environment in which the work takes place
  • Considering specific individual requirements
  • Assessing the need for emergency lighting
  • Considering health and safety requirements
  • Ensuring that your security needs are included

We also run through a series of strategic decisions to include any obscure areas that require lighting and the type of lighting that is most effective for your application, the length of time it is required and make the design work for you at all times of year to account for winter working conditions.

Our Services

Lighting designs

We consider your needs on an individual basis, not simply by industry, capturing your exact needs to produce lighting designs that help your team perform to its best, in turn helping you to deliver your best work to your clients.

Lighting Energy Audits

A lighting audit is an investigative process that measures your environmental conditions against standards to determine where cost-effective changes can be made. We assess the quantity and quality of available light and look to rectify problems such as

  • Lighting levels that are either too high or too low
  • Automatic switches to reduce energy
  • Adjustments to light positions to support productivity, safety or security

Carbon Trust Interest-free funding

SME Businesses can apply for interest-free, unsecured loans of between £3,000 and £200,000, with a requirement that one tonne of CO2 is saved for each £1,000 borrowed. This has been reduced from the previous threshold of 1.5 tonnes of CO2.

This change reflects the considerable progress Great Britain has made in taking action on climate change since June 2003, when the scheme was launched.

The carbon emissions from each unit of grid electricity in the UK almost halved between 2012 and 2016 and continue to drop. As such, many energy saving projects now result in lower emissions savings than had previously been the case.

Talk to us if you’d like us to help you make an application, we’re here to help. Call 01787 881191, or email

Disposal of Lighting and Component Parts WEEE Compliant

The WEEE regulations were introduced to the UK in 2007 to ensure electronic and electrical equipment (EEE) is recycled and not sent to landfill.

The regulations aim to improve the environmental performance of businesses that manufacture, supply, use, recycle and recover EEE. You may have obligations under the WEEE regulations if you are a business which sells electrical or electronic equipment.

The WEEE directive covers a wide range of electrical and electronic products including luminaires, lamps and fittings.

If you need help understanding your recycling responsibility or would like our help just call us on 01787 881191, or email

Specialists in the Supply of LED Lighting
There are many advantages to LED lighting.
Energy Saving
LED lighting uses up to 90% less energy than light bulbs and 50% less than a low-energy bulb or fluorescent tube. These result in a direct reduction of the CO2 emission too.
No Chemical Waste
LED lighting does not produce chemical waste. Fluorescent and low-energy lighting contain mercury that requires chemical waste processing which also adds to the total cost of ownership.
Increased Lifespan
LED-fittings have an expected lifespan that ranges from 15,000 to over 65,000 hours which means a reduction in the number of replacement lamps required.
Reduction in Heat Development
LED converts much more energy into light than conventional lighting resulting in a reduction in heat development. This means that the number of applications where LED is a preferrable option is greatly increased.
Fire Resistant
Not only are LED luminaires fire resistant they produce a secondary CO2 reduction by diminishing the amount of cooling energy required.
Robust and Safe
Robust and Safe – LED luminaires are very strong and contribute to a safer environment. They perform in changes to temperature, vibration, are designed to be shatterproof.
LED luminaires emit light in a focussed ‘directional’ way. Conventional lighting disperses light (light pollution) and heat in all directions requiring auxiliary tools to achieve the required focus, which adds to installation and running costs. LED luminaires can be directed in all directions as required.
Frequent switching does not influence LED and LED reaches its full capacity within milliseconds. Other conventional light sources require much more time for the start-up, diminishing the lifespan considerably and progressively, as the switching frequency increases.

Other Benefits of LED Lighting

Enhanced Capital Allowances

White LED lighting is included on the government’s Energy Technology List. 80% of all LED replacement products qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowances, giving you the opportunity to write off your capital expenditure in the first year.

Secondary Saving Benefits

The extended life span of LED Lamps means you benefit from significant savings by reducing maintenance and lamp replacement costs. Other secondary benefits include reduction in air conditioning costs due to the significantly reduction in heat generated by LED lamps and a more comfortable and productive environment.

Reduced Deterioration of Cabling and Fittings

The significant reduction in electrical current required to power LED lighting has a positive impact on the wear and tear of wiring and electrical fittings.

If you have a lighting need for your business please get in touch, we’d love to discuss how we can help you. Call us on 01787 881191, or email